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I'm Ratel. I'm a heavy concert-goer at small venues in Paris, mainly (but not only) for downhome blues, punk blues, psychobilly, rockabilly, old-time, alt-country, garage and rock'n roll.

As you can see, from time to time I help set up and/or promote a gig - I've done or am doing so for Gabe Carter, Shake It Like a Caveman, Joe Troop, Becky Lee, Dad Horse Experience, Nikolaj Andersen, Made for Chickens by Robots, Hollowbelly, James Leg, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band and a few others. I'm also occasionally running a very small "movie club" to screen independant rock and blues movies in Paris.

Of course, I wouldn't be able to do anything without the considerable help of other people. First and most important is the notorious Sheriff Perkins, who usually does most of the background work while I preen in front : managing and providing the backline, driving equipment and people around, balancing the sound, letting musicians crash at his place... and drawing the beautiful flyers you'll see on the various pages (the few ugly ones are mine). Most efficient, trustworthy, and nice guy on the Paris scene (at least).

Nico from Nayati Dreams / Normandeep Blues Records / Hillgrass Bluebilly France, our main local alt-blues record dealer / press agent / music publisher / label manager / ..., is also of considerable help, as is "Blues Rules" Vincent. I also bask in the strong support of la Nef D Fous, and the frequent help of my sensei for underground gigs' org Larsen Rock (I am unworthy).

All these guys / orgs / festivals /... and some others will get their own presentation page at some point, as they are keystones of what French outsider blues scene there is.

Apart from la Nef D Fous and Blues en Scène (the support asso for Blues Rules Festival), I'm a member of France Blues and, hopefully, will be of la Chaîne du Blues.


deepbluesratelBeyond all that, inspiration comes, of course, from the Deep Blues Festival, who played a major role in setting the stage up for the whole scene, whether or not we were able to attend it.



I'm also an insufferable Blues nerd, and occasionally indulge myself in some rant - you'll find some of them under Ratel's Howls.